How much are your services

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Do you do drum progamming?

I do not do drum programming but I have contacts for those who do.

Can I mix my album with someone else?

Of course!

do you provide Mastering as one of your services?

Yes I do but I always recommend having someone else with "fresh ears" to Master an album. I have a contacts for great Mastering engineers.

Do I need to be present during the mixing and/or Mastering of my album?

No you do not, it's up to you!

How many revisions do I get while mixing my album?

I will send you a 1st mix where I will ask you to listen and send me your comments and changes. I will then provide you with a 2nd mix for a final listen through where I can make any final changes for you before sending off to Mastering. Any further revisions will be discussed.

Can I stay at the studio for the duration of the recording?

Unfortunetly at this time we are not setup for accomodations. I have a few options for accommodations that I am happy to provide for you on request ranging from $25-$75 a night.

Do you provide instruments for use on the recording?

Yes! I have acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, guitar amps, drums, and other various instruments and percussion.

How many musicians can you record at once?

We could get close to 10 depending on the insstrumentation.

Will there be meal breaks?

Each day during the recording session (10am - 6pm) there will be a lunch break. It is asked that you bring your own groceries or a prepared lunch (you will have full use of kitchen) we can also collaborate on lunch as well which is always fun!

Can we go overtime if we are in the middle of a "good take"?

I am okay with going a bit overtime if it seems counterproductive to interupt a good moment in the recording session.

Can I bring friends into the studio during the session?

If you really feel it will help inspire you and create an environment that will uplift the experience then yes a friend or two is okay but if it becomes distracting to the session I will have to ask them to leave as it will be a waste of our time and your money!